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Help Bill Flynn, as he takes the fight for the constitution and liberty to Washington, DC. It is your opportunity to support a true conservative warrior as he fights for what truly makes America Great. Any size gift is appreciated. Donate Today!   If you prefer to send a direct donation to the campaign our mailing address is: Bill FlynnRead the Rest…

Why I’m Running

North Carolina needs a new Senator that first understands the centrality of the Constitution

The United States of America, under this administration and with a complicit  Congress, has been terrifically burdened with tremendous debt and malfeasance.  For you and me it means taxes are needlessly high, government is massively  bloated, and our liberties are shrinking at an alarming rate. Senator Kay Hagan, with her Obama-centric voting record is part of this  problem. She isRead the Rest…

Total Repeal for Hagan-endorsed Affordable Care Act

Rather than responding to the continuing charade of White House non-leadership, what better time for Republicans to lead with the will of the people ?

  Putting pricey tires on a junk car with no engine and no gas and expecting it to take you anywhere is a huge waste of time and money. It makes no sense. Anyone doing such a thing would be delusional. And so it is with Obamacare. A temporary fix for a catastrophically-flawed Obamacare by suddenly re-instating defunct insurance policies isRead the Rest…

"In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." Thomas Jefferson